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Kindling Wood (5 ft and 12 ft Packs) - Use for Start a Fire Anyway!

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Kindling Wood can be used to start a fire easily because it is a fire starter for charcoal, briquettes and fuel pellets.

No added chemicals, toxins or preservatives because It is made of 100% Natural Coniferous and Hardwood Trees. It does not have unpleasant odors.

  • Feature:
    • Composition: Coniferous and Hardwood Trees
    • Humidity: Less than 20%
    • Shelf Life is Unlimited
  • There are 2 Types of Kindling Wood:
    • Small Pack with size in 5 ft
    • Standard Pack with size in 12 ft

How to use: To be used as a Fire Starter. Do not use any Alcohol or Gasoline when using it. Also, it is not applicable for reuse.

Store in a Dark and Dry place. Keep away from children. Do not store near fire or heating objects. In case of fire, cover with enough sand to put it out.