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Collection: Wood chips for smokers

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Wood Chips for Smoking are not Saw Dust as contrary to what the common idea is! They are small to medium sized wood pieces taken from cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood.

All FireStar Wood Chips for Smoking have the same size range between 0.2 to 0.8 inches. In our collection, we have 4 varieties of trees sourced - Apple Trees, Oak Trees, Alder Trees and Cherry Trees. We also have packed Sets which are all good value for money.

Wood Chip for Smoking Collection:

  1. Apple Wood Smoking Chip (1.2 L / pack)
  2. Oak Wood Smoking Chips (1.2 L / pack)
  3. Alder Wood Smoking Chips (1.2 L / pack)
  4. Cherry Wood Smoking Chips (1.2 L / pack)
  5. Smoking Chips Fruit Wood Smoking Mix (5 Packs - 3 Cherry Wood Chips and 2 Apple Wood Chips + Bonus Recipe Ebook)
  6. Cherry Wood Smoking Chips Set (6 Cherry Wood Smoking Chips)
  7. Alder Wood Smoking Chips Set (6 Alder Wood Smoking Chips)
  8. BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Variety Set (5 Packs - 2 Cherry Wood Chips, 1 Apple Wood Chips, 1 Alder Wood Chips and 1 Oak Wood Chips)

Advantages in using Wood Chips for smoking:

  • All FireStar Wood Smoking Chips are best to use for smoking meat and fish on any type of outdoor grill that is powered by: Gas, Charcoal, Electric or Charcoal!
  • Wood Smoking Chips are made of 100% Natural Trees and contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives so no threat of food contamination plus you can also recycle empty packaging by using it to kindle fire so that means it is Eco-Friendly and good value for money.
  • Wood Smoking Chips enhances flavor of the meat
  • For an example, hardwood trees such as Alder Trees are good to add great flavor but the nutwood like Oak Trees can give you a rich and savory flavor while Fruit Trees (Cherry and Apple Trees) can add a hint of sweetness.
  • Wood Smoking Chips makes meat tender and easier to bite into
  • During Smoking process, it breaks down Collagen - a tough muscle tissue protein - in the meat so in effect, it makes the meat tender that cannot be achieved by grilling alone.