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Apple/Fruit Mix Cooking Wood (Firewood Logs) 15lbs + 1 Pack of Wood Chips

Apple/Fruit Mix Cooking Wood (Firewood Logs) 15lbs + 1 Pack of Wood Chips

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Apple/ Fruit Firewood for bbq and fireplace + Bonus Apple Wood Chips

  •  Zorestar Apple/Fruit Firewood and Apple Wood Chips for Smoking Pack come in a bundle of everything you’d need for the perfect BBQ experience! The total weight of Fire wood Box varies between 14.7-15.3 lbs (+/-5%).
  • 100% NATURAL WOOD: Zorestar Apple/Fruit Cooking Firewood and the Apple Wood Chips are made of precision cut 100 % wood without chemicals, not treated with any pesticides, therefore safe for your health.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY BBQ: with the bonus addition of Apple Wood Chips for Smoking, Zorestar Apple/Fruit Firewood bundle is the complete package of everything you’d need to get the most out of your BBQ experience! While releasing a mild, sweet aroma when burnt, Apple/Fruit Firewood Logs burns good and slowly, making it the ideal choice in grilling Poultry, Beef, and Pork.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: whether it be a fire pit, BBQ grill, campfire, indoor fireplace, Apple/Fruit bbq firewood burns hot and slowly, making it the ideal fire fuel under any circumstance! Apple/Fruit Fireplace Logs will keep your warm indoors, but will light up your BBQ experience with the burning potential it holds within!
  • MAKE IT WORK: apart from the natural sweet aroma you’d get from the Apple/Fruit Firewood for Cooking itself, the inclusion of Apple Wood Chips for Smoking is no coincidence - after grilling your dish for just the right amount of time, make sure to finish off with a sprinkle of Apple Wood Chips to gift your dish with an unprecedented fruity smoke flavor to it!

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