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Collection: Bonfire logs

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FireStar Bonfire Logs are not your ordinary logs you can commonly find! It is a new and unique way to start fire with just a single log.

They are very capable fire starter which can be ignited by a single matchstick without any chemicals or flammable liquid needed. It can sustain a good fire for camping, fireplace and to cook food. This is due to the fire burning differently from the inside out.

Here you can see that we have 3 variety of Bonfire Logs in our Collection. All are sourced from 100% White Birch Trees so you are assured that no chemicals or other allergens are included. It is safe for both humans’ usage and Mother Nature plus they are so easy to carry and to be used, even for kids.

FireStar Bonfire Log Collection:

  • Bonfire Log #1
    • Comes in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
    • Contains 4 vertical cut-through saws where you start the fire in
    • 100% White Birch Tree
  • Bonfire Log #2
    • Comes with one size only
    • With 3 vertical cut-through saws where you start the fire in
    • 100% White Birch Tree
  • Bonfire Log #3
    • Comes in Medium and Large size
    • Contains 2 V-shaped cuts along the length of the log and 1 X-shaped in the center
    • 100% White Birch Tree

Advantages in using FireStar Bonfire Logs

  1. It is a new and practical way to start fire by using only one log and a single matchstick.
  2. 100% Natural Birch Tree with no added chemicals, flammable liquid, toxins or allergens so it is safe for kids to use. Because of this, you are also assured that there are no contamination in food or non-biodegradable waste in Nature. Moreover, the advantage of having hemp wick is that it is almost complete absence of ash.
  3. Best for cooking Shish Kebab and Barbecue ; also for hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor events (birthdays, weddings, romantic evenings on the terrace).
  4. Ideal fuel for country and residential fireplaces.
  5. Good range of choices depending on fire duration.