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Collection: BBQ and grill accessories

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There is so much more to creating the perfect barbecue than just buying a grill and getting some meat. It is to know that you have reliable and quality tools in cooking. Here are the FireStar BBQ and Grill Accessories to help you be that Pitmaster you have always wanted!


There are 3 products in this Collection:

  • BBQ Tongs for Grilling
    • A Must for BBQ and Grilling since it lets you easily grab, lift, and turn food without piercing it.
    • The modern and asymmetric shape that allows you a reliable grip of Tongs in the hand.
    • It is in the ideal length of 16 inches or 40 centimeters.
    • An extension of your hands made for BBQ and Grilling
  • Gloves for BBQ and Grilling - Red
    • Made from 100 % Super Suede Leather and Kevlar materials
    • Your hands are safe from both the flames and heat.
    • Comes with only one color: RED
  • Fire Pit (Loft and Hi-Tech Design), 2 sizes
    • A modern and highly efficient conical bowl for fire to radiate heat from the center at a soft angle.
    • Creates a cozy circle that provide light, warmth that everyone can enjoy especially roasting some marshmallows for Smores and of course, for cooking food.
    • 2 Size: Standard Size and Large Size
    • Usable all year round
    • Harmoniously fits into the terrace space of a restaurant and patio in house

Advantages using BBQ Accessories

  1. Safety when Cooking
  2. Reliable and Quality Tools when cooking
  3. Making easier on simple task such as flipping meats, handling heated cooking materials and even just spreading charcoal or firewood.