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How To Smoke With Wood Chips On Electric Or Gas Smoker: Step-By-Step Guide

If you use a smoker for the first time you need to season it. It is done to clean all the dirt that might have been left while manufacturing. 

You may start from cleaning the inside of your smoker with soapy water, but this step is not obligatory. Seasoning is enough to make your smoker ready to use. 

Here is a simple guide to seasoning a smoker:

  1. Cover your smoker with cooking spray inside.
    Before covering the surface of your smoker with oil, make sure to remove the racks, water pan, drip and wood chips tray. Then apply a thin layer of cooking spray on the walls of your smoker.  Do NOT coat the heating element as it will burn.
  2. When your smoker is covered with oil, you may put all the elements back inside.
  3. Turn on your smoker. 
  4. Fully open all the vents.
  5. Heat the smoker to the maximum temperature.
  6. Keep such temperature for 2-3 hours. During the final hour of seasoning, add some wood chips to the chip tray. 

Your smoker is ready to use. Now we can move to smoking!

How to use an electric smoker?

Step 1
Plug in and turn on the smoker.

Step 2
Add wood chips to the chips tray.
Usually 4 cups are enough for 3-5 hours of smoking. You may need to add some wood chips if you smoke longer.

Step 3
Preheat your smoker.
Set the temperature of 200-225 °F and preheat for 30 minutes.

Step 4
Fill the water pan with hot water.
You can also add some juice or beer to enhance the taste of your smoked food.

Step 5
Place you seasoned meat on the racks. Big pieces should be placed on the lower racks and smaller pieces on the upper ones.

Step 6
Close the door of the smoker and smoke your food as long as the recipe says.
You may need to add more water and wood chips while smoking. If there is not enough smoke open the smoking chamber and refill water pan with the liquid you have chosen. Then add some wood chips to the chips tray.

Step 7
Once your meat is ready let it sit for 10-20 minutes.

How to use a gas smoker?

As for the gas smoker you also need to start from seasoning.  Then follow these instructions:

Step 1
Make sure your connections are secure, check your burner for any blockage and leave the door open for lighting.

Step 2
Remove the water tray, line with aluminium foil, add some water and place it back in a smoker.

Step 3
Fill the wood chips box with soaked wood chips and place it on a rack.

Step 4
Partially open the vents on the sides and smoker stack.

Step 5
With the burner off and the door open turn on the propane tank.

Step 6
Push and hold the igniter button for about two seconds.

Step 7
Turn on the burner.

Step 8
Close the door and make sure the burners are on high to help start the smoking process.

Step 9
Once the chips start smoking you can add the food, open the door and place the meat on the bottom rack, fat side down.

Step 10
Cook as long as you need and do not forget to check the temperature once in a while to make sure you maintain the right temperature.

Step 11
Remove your food and enjoy!

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