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Peter Zack

"My package came in perfect condition. I smoked a pork butt with the Cherry wood chips I smoked the pork for six hours and used three bags. The chips burned very clean but I wish the chip size would be bigger and that the bags would be larger. so that the chips would burn a bit slower and I would'nt have to add the chips so often."

Shawn Stout (Illinois)

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but, I am hear to say this is one of my favorite purchases. I do not own a smoker but, I grill A LOT! With the variety of wood chips, I have been able to turn my grill into a smoker. A little goes a long way and with the amount of chips, I will be smoking for awhile. The quantity for the price is exceptional. I totally recommend."

Aaron Boehning (Hankinson, North Dakota)

"This is great for people that don’t have access or want to deal with making their own fire starting supplies. The items in the box worked perfectly and I was easily able to get the fire going. Probably get a good 10-15 fires started out of what’s in the box. Very quick shipping as well."

Cory Acome (New York, USA)

"Awesome smoking wood chips. Adds great flavor and smell to food. Only issue is.. how am I going to enjoy food when it’s not cooked with this?? Great product!!"

Charlie (Maxfield)

"I have used lump charcoal in the past but it's dusty and dirrty. This product is clean no mess on your hands and so easy to use I let my daughter start the fire 🔥 this was even after a few days of rain she was able to use this to start a fire and keep it going long enough to get a good fire going. No nasty stuff so we could cook over the fire 🔥 also"

Tiffanie Kae (Illinois)

"I purchased this box for my boyfriend to give him the chance to try different type of wood for smoking. He loves being able to try out the new woods without having to commit to a big bag of it and possibly not like the taste. We have been very satisfied with all the woods we have tried so far."